I’m happy to report that my self-published picture book is in the latter layout stages. This will be my first book and I’m getting excited about it’s appearance. The title is Jumping Jim. Written in rhyme, it’s a first -person story about a toddler who loves jumping everywhere. He goes to town, the zoo, and the park with his mother. Anyone who has raised or lived with a toddler will appreciate the active day Jim has. When the book is released, I’ll announce it. I will be using Amazon’s Create Space for publishing this particular book.

What’s Happening


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All my life I’ve heard the phrase “There’s a first time for everything.” It has to be among the great truths given to humanity. For me, beginning to write after several decades of not writing feels like the first time. Things have changed in life, in everything around me. I’ve even changed. There have been more “first times” than I care to think about. Writing for publication has always been something I wanted to do. Starting again to reach that goal feels like a “first time” even though it isn’t really. The whole process feels new and sometimes confusing. Writers have so much more opportunity now than before. But, instead of making things easier it is sometimes as confusing as it is helpful. Even so, I embrace the newness and even the confusion. Newness brings fresh ideas. Confusion invites learning. It is a proving ground for us who have returned and a playground for those who are just now entering the race